Health and Safety/ Ethical Process

With my production work consisting of stereotypes, this is an issue that may offend some people. Therefore, I want to do everything I can to make sure this doesn’t happen. There were a few steps in which I took to minimize the affects of my production work.

Gather information:
The assumptions I am making and may look like I am portraying is the fact that everyone in the displayed social class are like that, life that lifestyle and are that stereotype. However, this is not exactly what I want to portray. I am portraying the issues and the stereotypes within society and showing how people judge others by how they look.

Affected parties:
There may be a variety of people affected by my production work. Primary stakeholders may be people in the different social classes taking offence to how they may or may not be portrayed. Secondary stakeholders may be people who make the judgements and relate to the production work in that way.
I am trying to look at this through all perspectives and addressing the issues that I think may occur.

There may be both negative and positive feedback from my work. Negative would be issues, like mentioned above, people taking offence. Positive feedback may be people understanding the issue and meaning behind the work therefore some change or awareness may be a result of this.

Risk Assessment: a link to my risk assessment form