Process of Production

Following on from my research, it was time to start gathering up my items that were going to be included into my shoot. To be honest, this was rather challenging as I found out that most items ,for example the Upper Class, weren’t in my possession therefore I had to ask people if they had any of the following outstanding items that I could borrow. Some people were very kind and offered me some of their belongings. I created a table that listed all the items I needed and which class they would be in. This is shown below.

table of items.PNG

I then had to figure out how I wanted the photos to look. Below are images of the test shoot I did. A test shoot is a shoot before the actual shoot so you can see how the images are going to turn out, which camera angle do you want to capture from to best portray the meaning behind the images, which lighting you think is better and so on. I am fairly happy with how the test shoot went because not only did it bring my production work to life and make it seem more real, I believe they actually portray stereotypes within social classes.


 Test Shot Number One:  For this shot I used a birds eye shot camera angle. This shot is used to give dramatic effect to the subject and I do believe it works rather well with my shoot because it adds drama to the items but also as a viewer you can see all of the items in the shot. This is important as they are the main focus of the shoot and the viewer needs to see the variety of belongings this person has. Therefore I do think this is an interesting camera angle and I think it will be a good shot for the viewer to gather an initial stereotype or judgement due to the fact that the subjects are all in the frame.


Test Shot Number Two: For this camera shot I have used a high slanted angle. Because the angle is still high, you can still see all of the subjects in frame however due to the fact that I have angled the camera shot slightly from the birds eye view, it creates a different perspective of the frame and also adds some quirkiness to the subject and I think this makes the shot more interesting. To me, it seems much more compelling rather than a normal birds eye view and the viewers, I know I do, find this more fascinating to look at.


Test Shot Number Three: For this captured image, I used a close up shot. I really like this frame because the detail and depth of field in the image, I believe, adds a more personal feel to the image as we can really see the fine detail within the items. The texture and lighting also emphasise this as we can see the materials used to enhance the wealth of the person who this image is representing but also makes the frame more believable and real.

The first two test shots I used natural lighting from the window. I believe these images have better lighting than the last test shot as this frame was taken with artificial lighting. There is a clear difference in the lighting as the natural lighting gives a more realistic feel whereas the artificial looks like a set up photography shoot. Even though I am doing a photography shoot, I think the natural lighting portray the matter better and I do not want the shoot to look fake or as set up as the artificial lighting makes it. Therefore, natural lighting I think is this better option.


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